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Breaking News!

Breaking News!

Box Hill United SC are pleased to announce that Sparks Reserve is to get a complete ground overhaul. The City of  Whitehorse have advised us that works will start within the next 2 months.

After working closely in partnership with council over the past 5 years, Sparks Reserve is going to get the overhaul it deserves. Currently there is no irrigation or drainage at Sparks, so maintaining it to a level where there is a consistent playing surface of grass suitable for the standards Box Hill United require has been impossible to attain.

The new works to be completed by hopefully March 2016, will include a state of the art drainage and irrigation system, as well as new instant turf. Council will then be able to maintain the surface to the upmost level for years to come. What this means is a training and playing facility on par with Wembley Park.

This is exciting news, and I would like to thank the City of Whitehorse for all their support and understanding of the requirements our playing members need to better themselves as footballers, but more importantly allowing Box Hill United to have a true home base whereby we can all be together again.

Thanks also to the Box Hill committee, past and present, for all their hard work and dedication in lobbying council for the works soon to be undertaken.

Alex Palmos
Box Hill United SC

Winning verses Mastering

How Parents and Coaches Influence Youth Footballers

Ben Stephenson, MSc

Recent research has looked into how the environment created by parents and coaches can either positively or negatively influence how a youth footballer is motivated, the friendships they form and how they feel about their own abilities. Past research found that parents and coaches can create either enjoyable or stressful sporting experiences for youth sportspeople and this can often determine whether they quit sport or continue to participate.

The Research

677 Norwegian youth footballers, both male and female, aged 10-14 filled in questionnaires based on how they perceived their parental and coach support, their motivation to play football, how much they liked their teammates and how they rated their own ability.

Winning verses Mastering

It is believed that there are two forms of motivation in sport; winning and mastering. Those who play only to win tend to believe that they must become the perfect player, can never make a mistake and are only good if their team wins. Coaches who create this “play to win environment” are often critical of players, demand high playing standards and praise only the top players. This contrasts to those who play sport because they enjoy it and enjoy learning and mastering new skills. Coaches who create this “play to master” environment often praise players for trying hard, always encourage and make all players feel part of the team.

How Parents and Coaches Influence Youth Footballers

The research found that if parents and coaches had high expectations of players and were highly critical, i.e. adopted a largely play to win style, this had a negative effect on players. These players were overly concerned with mistakes, had low beliefs about their own ability and had less friends on their team. A lack of teammates who were friends occurred often if the coaches created a feeling of high inter team rivalry where everyone was “playing for their place”.

However, if coaches were supportive of players, i.e. adopted a largely play to master approach, it was found that players had high beliefs about their own ability and had many friendships amongst teammates. It was also interesting to find that even if players had parents who were highly critical but coaches who were supportive then players still had high beliefs about their abilities and teammates as friends. Therefore whilst it is important for parents to be educated in the importance of supporting and not pressurising their child when playing sport; it is vital that coaches understand the need to reinforce positive behaviours and create an environment where players are enjoying football and the process of learning.

Why is this Important?

Playing in an environment that has high expectations and is highly critical can lead to negative thoughts and behaviours in youth footballers and these negative thoughts and behaviours can have wider reaching effects. Youths who believe that they have to be perfect in everything and never make a mistake can develop poor psychological health as they go into adolescence. Players who do not get on well with teammates, showing poor peer relations, may later develop antisocial behaviour. Finally, players who feel that they are not very good are unlikely to want to play football and will eventually drop out of the game, something that nobody wants.

The Importance of Perceptions

Many coaches may feel that the above is nothing new to them and that they strive to make sure that players are enjoying football however it is important to note that the current research was based on perceptions by the players. As a coach what you think you are doing and acting like may not be the same as how a child interprets your actions and it is important to make sure every player feels valued and is enjoying themselves.


If parents and coaches solely focus on winning and being the best then youth players are likely to also share these views and in turn are more likely to think less of themselves in terms of ability and develop less friendships with team members. If coaches provide more support and make the player feel like they are valued then the player is more likely to enjoy playing football and in turn have a more positive belief about their ability and develop many friendships with teammates.

Play to Win Coaching Behaviour Play to Master Coaching Behaviour
Score line is the most important thing. Learning the skills of the game is the most important thing.
Being critical of mistakes. Encouraging and supporting players when they make mistakes.
Promoting “play for your place” mentality. Giving every player a fair chance regardless of ability.
Expecting high standards from players. Encouraging an it’s ok to lose mindset.
Giving special attention to elite players Treating all players as equal.


Questions to Reflect on

This article does not want to suggest that coaches who focus on winning are some type of “tyrants” who purposely try to knock the confidence of young players. With the nature of football sometimes parents and coaches can get carried away in the moment. The questions below are for coaches to reflect on and hopefully think of ways to make the environment their players are in more supportive and enjoyable.

How does the way you act when your team wins differ from when you lose?

Is there a player or group of players who you praise more often than others?

Do you promote a “play for your place” mentality where players see teammates as rivals?

What ways could you promote the importance of learning and mastering a skill?

What does a good balance of coaching to win and coaching to master look like?

Friday WPL fixture change against NTC

This week’s home game, Friday 19 June, against the NTC has been postponed to August 14.

Our next Women’s Premier League fixture will be against FC Bulleen Lions on Friday 26 June, as per usual, with 6:30pm and 8:30pm kick-offs.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Box Hill United announce new senior mens coach

Box Hill United SC has received, and accepted, the resignation of Senior Head Coach Alfredo Constantino.

We are proud to announce Greg Kasidas as our Senior Men’s Head Coach to take over with immediate effect.

Greg comes with a wealth of experience and was Box Hill United’s Senior Assistant Coach for the previous two years.

We welcome back Greg who is enthused about the remainder of the year and he cannot wait to work with our talented senior boys.

We wish Alfredo all the best in the future and thank him for all his efforts throughout this season.

Wembley Park opens with Social Memberships for 2015

Tonight the Women’s Premier League outfit have been given the honour of putting the new Wembley Park pitch through it’s paces taking on the Casey Comets in our first home game of the year.

Tomorrow we officially open the completely re-developed, state-of-the-art playing surface that has taken years of planning and months of hard work from the Whitehorse Council and many others involved to achieve.

It will be the first of 14 NPL1 fixtures to be played at Wembley Park, with the next seven in a row scheduled at 3:15pm each Saturday.

We are excited to launch our 2015 Social Memberships, giving the holder instant entry to each of the 14 NPL1 Men’s home games for just $90 (adult) or $45 for concession holders.

Simply print out the membership form located here, read the code of conduct that can be found here and bring your membership form along with a form of identification and we will sort the rest out for you!

To help with the celebrations, our many fantastic partners have provided a selection of prizes that will be raffled on Saturday.
Tickets will be sold on the day, but bring in your membership form on Saturday 16 May, correctly filled out and paid for by half-time (of the senior fixture), and we will give you a kick start into the raffle with FIVE free tickets!

You will also walk away the proud owner of a new Box Hill United scarf valued at $25!

See you all at Wembley Park!

Meet your Women’s Premier League team!

Ahead of the first fixture to be played on the new Wembley Park pitch this evening at 6:30pm (reserves) and 8:30pm (seniors), we would like to introduce you to some of the many faces that will grace the field this season.

You can find the team in their permanent home under the WPL tab in the above menu!

We can’t wait to be back at Wembley Park, on what is looking like the world’s finest playing surface.

Box Hill United announce Star21 partnership

Box Hill United Soccer Club is pleased to announce that Star21 has jumped on board for season 2015.

Star21 is well known for supporting many elite and community based sporting clubs in Victoria.

Star21 is one of Telstra’s largest national business and corporate partners.

As an award winning Telstra Dealer, Star21 specialise in all facets of telecommunications and help businesses integrate their Mobiles,Voice, Data, and Cloud requirements.

To receive a customised offering and superior customer service for your current business telecommunications structure please call Star21 on 1300 STAR21 (1300 782 721) and they will be glad to assist.


Box Hill Congratulates Barbieri and Brush!

During an exciting week for Box Hill United in the lead up to Wembley Park re-opening after an incredible re-development of the playing surface, our Women’s Premier League team are celebrating the achievements of Ellie Brush and Melissa Barbieri.

Today the Matildas squad was released for the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada, among the 23 listed players is 2013/14 W-League keeper of the year and Box Hill United’s own, Melissa Barbieri.

In what will be her fourth World Cup appearance, Barbieri will look to build on an already impressive 84 caps for the Matildas.

The competition kicks off on June 6 at 4pm local time, with Canada facing China. The Matildas’ first match of the group stage is against the USA on June 9 at 9:30am AEST.

All the Matildas’ fixtures will be shown live on SBS ONE, SBS HD and online.

Our best wishes are with all those selected to compete in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and we will be cheering you all on from home!

We would also like to send our warmest congratulations to Ellie Brush, who has earned a contract with the Houston Dash, in the National Women’s Soccer League of the United States.

Unfortunately Ellie leaves mid-week and as such has already played her farewell game for Box Hill United.

Brush, who has been in fine form this season in the Women’s Premier League, told the Canberra Times “It’s always been a dream of mine to play in the pro league over there” and we wish her all the best!

You can follow Ellie Brush’s progress at their official website, or via Twitter, and keep up to date with Brush herself on her Twitter page.

(photography courtesy of Sonia Licciardi)

Football’s coming home…

Not long now until Wembley Park sees the return of football. The women will be first to kick-off the proceedings on Friday 15th May against Casey Comets FC kicking off at 8pm.

The following day sees a whole of club event at Wembley Park as we officially reopen the ground.

BoxHill vs MVFC Artwork

All players are expected to be in attendance as we hope to pull off a whole of club photo on the main pitch, in front of the grandstand. From the u5s in the Skills Program right through to our Senior Women and Men, can we pull it off?

Spread the word to all your friends that Football’s coming home…