Volunteers – The Heart of Any Football Club

What does it take to keep a National Premier League team ticking throughout the season?

Volunteers are the lifeblood of just about any grassroots sporting club, no matter the type of sport played.

They are the people in the shadows ensuring everything works, so that our kids, family and friends can walk out onto the court, park or pitch to participate in the sports we love.

At Box Hill United this is no different. There are many volunteers involved at our club who help ensure everything is just right, each and every week throughout the year.

While at an NPL level there are several paid positions, these are few and far between, and for those entrusted with such a position, the support received from volunteers ensures their ability to perform their duties to the standard we have come to expect.

Karl Froehlich is one of these exceptional volunteers involved at Box Hill United. Continue reading

Box Hill United Resignation

Box Hill United’s Technical Director James Muir, has resigned from his position.

The club would like to thank James for his work over the past 2 years and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

The committee will commence the process to find a replacement Technical Director shortly.